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The company has more than 40 years of experience in export business, and has exported nearly 400 kinds of products to more than 60 countries and regions such as Europe, America, the Middle East and Africa. Our excellent export business team can provide a package of export solutions, including certificate verification, document making, customs declaration, commodity inspection, transportation, international...

Success stories:

1. Our company cooperates with Hunan Red Sun New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. to export solar PV modules, with a contract amount of more than 20 million dollars. Both parties take this project as an opportunity to carry out in-depth cooperation in the export of PV new energy products and the import of raw materials and other businesses, practice the "three high and four new" development strategy of Hunan Province, and contribute Hunan's strength to the national "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" and the "the Belt and Road" strategic goals.
2. On March 9th, our company successfully won the bid for Chongqing International Composite Materials Co., Ltd.'s "Brazil F01B Line Cold Repair Technology Renovation Project Export Trade Services" project, with a winning amount of 250 million yuan. This project requires high professional level and performance from service providers. As one of the major bidding projects to achieve a "successful start" in 2023, our company actively coordinates the mobilization of high-quality resources and implements specialized promotion. The service content of this project involves goods procurement, export packaging, sea and land transportation, import and export customs clearance, and the development of full process service solutions. With over 40 years of accumulated professional knowledge and industry experience, our company stands out among many top domestic competitors with high-quality full business solutions and full process, one-stop service solutions, and won the bid with one go. It is expected that the project will be completed as scheduled in 2023.

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